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10 Best Ways to Make Employees Feel Recognized

Employee recognition programs are the best way to make sure employees know you appreciate them. It’s important to show your employees you care about them and their work. These programs are an easy way to do it in a big way. Employee recognition programs can range in format, but all have one common goal: making employees feel valued by showing that they are appreciated for what they do. Here are some ways that employee recognition programs can benefit your business

Employee Recognition Programs

Workers who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay at your company longer. It’s even more important for your workers to feel valued and appreciated when they are having a hard time at work. To prevent these issues, many companies use reward programs to show employees they are appreciated.

Employee recognition programs can help improve customer service. People have a higher level of customer satisfaction if they feel like the company values their business and their work. Customers also have higher levels of customer satisfaction if they feel valued and appreciated by employees.

After all, a job well done earns more respect and support when being recognized for the effort it took to do a good job.

What are the top ways to show employees you care?

Within employee recognition programs, there are many different ways to show that your company cares. With that in mind, here are some of the top ways that you can show recognition to your employees.

1. Employee Referrals

The more employees you have that are loyal to your company, the more that they are going to refer you to new employees that they believe can contribute. Many employees report leaving their current employer because of bad employee relationships. Because of this, you need to provide the best experience possible in order to create great employee referrals. This can be done by providing career development opportunities, communicating with employees frequently, creating strong leadership styles, and hiring good people.

2. One-time rewards

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding employees for reaching milestones. Your best and brightest employees will love receiving a small reward for achieving a hard-earned goal. These small rewards are a great way to promote a strong team spirit within your company and reinforce that everyone plays an important role.

3. Ongoing recognition

Your employee recognition program should include a way for employees to recognize each other, and then have their recognition recorded for the company. There are lots of ways to go about that, but some of the best programs are as simple as writing a note to a colleague, “I want to recognize you for what you did to help me,” and giving it to them at the appropriate time.

You can also set up a program that rewards a job well done. Instead of a promotion, employee recognition programs can reward employees for helping out another employee or colleague. All of these options are good examples of employees feel valued for the work that they do and rewarded for the time that they spend on it.

4. Celebrate the success of your company

Let your employees know they’re doing a great job and that you’re proud of them. Encourage them to reach out to you if they’re having a tough day or have a problem. Celebrate their victories.

5. Make your employees feel important

Giving recognition to your employees makes them feel respected. When you tell them how special they are to you, they’ll feel valued. The more you appreciate them, the more they’ll give back to you.

6. Encourage your employees to contribute

Encourage your employees to share their opinions with you. Let them know that you’re interested in their feedback and that you’ll take it seriously. When your employees feel important, they’ll be more likely to communicate their ideas.

7. Team building initiatives

Investing in employee recognition programs is a great way to build a stronger team. Not only do they show appreciation for your employees but you are getting the team to bond in a fun way. These employee recognition programs bring your employees closer together and with that comes better teamwork.

8. Contests and drawings

Each employee should be entered into one of your contests and drawings. For example, you could have a drawing for each department for prizes such as a portable speaker or a tablet. This is a simple way to remind your employees that you appreciate what they do for your business and that you want to be a part of their lives.

9. Document employee accomplishments on a regular basis

One of the most effective employee recognition programs is to have regular internal awards. Make sure that each employee receives an award at least once per month. To stay consistent with this throughout the year, you may want to celebrate an employee of the quarter or employee of the year once per year. If you can’t afford these types of awards, they can be given at a company party. The party will give the employee a great way to show their coworkers how much they are valued by the company.

10. Make sure your employees feel valued

A company that has regular awards can see that the employees are always looking for ways to better themselves and their colleagues. Most employees want to feel valued. You can help your employees by making sure they feel valued.


Employee recognition programs are a great way to help your employees and boost morale in your company. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. There are lots of benefits to creating these programs, from building morale to helping you attract top talent. It’s important that you keep the programs as unique as possible because if they become the norm, they could turn into a struggle to keep up with your employees’ needs. There’s also a lot of practical information you can use when it comes to creating these programs, so it’s never a bad idea to try something new.

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