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March 2020

Tips for Low-Budget Office Renovations

If you are thinking that your office could do with a facelift, the first thing to do is determine the scope of the project, then set aside a budget. In the present difficult times, it is likely that you will want to keep costs to a minimum,…

Do Cell Phone Radiation Shields Work?

Most of the population in the world today use cell phones regularly. In fact, I think that it is fair to say that the cell phone occupies most of our time. If you go out in public you will see that most of the people around you are on their…

Easiest Way to Find Hostels in India

 Want to change your hostel? Moving to a New City for work or got transfer? Joining a college and needing a good place to live nearby? Looking for co-living spaces? Brokers are charging too much? Don’t have the time and energy to go door to…