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3 Things You Should Include in Your Press Releases

Press releases, also known as news releases, are great tools that businesses can use to quickly get the word out about themselves and any events, sales, or new products they may have. In contrast to media alerts, another form of advertisement where companies send information to journalists about their upcoming events, press releases contain information about a company and what it has to offer and is directed at the public. Learn more about press releases vs media alerts.

Press Release Content

Press releases, in their very essence, are short and sweet messages that are meant to quickly get your point across to the public and advertise a product, service, or development within your company. But what should a good press release include? If you want your content to be received well, here a few simple guidelines to follow when creating your press releases.

Concise Information

Using concise information is a huge factor in creating a successful press release. In today’s busy world, people’s attention span is shorter as there are many distractions that demand their attention. If your content is focused on the most important information, then you are more likely to hold the attention of your audience giving you the ability to inform them well. If readers can glean helpful information from your advertisement in a short amount of time, they will not feel like they have wasted their time reading your press release. Concise information also encourages people to find more in-depth information about your product or service from your website.

Boiler Plates

In every press release, you should include a boiler plate to help people find important information. The boiler plate is essentially your brief “About Us” statement that, to readers, serves as a brief introduction to the company behind the advertisement. The text in your boiler plate should be consistent in every press release that you will publish. The purpose of it is to help people learn more about your business, or to provide a way for people to find that information if they want it.


Links that are embedded in your press releases are essential to creating traffic on your business’ website and for improving sales. If you want people to actually look into your company, then you have to provide them with a way to get in touch with you or take a look at what you have to offer. The links that you include can also take customers to images or videos that give them a better understanding of what you are announcing.

In the grand scheme of things, the purpose of a press release is to inform the general public of developments that your company has made. The result of that news release is an increase of traffic to your website and, with all luck, a creation of sales, which is what makes press releases a commonly used avenue for marketing. If your business is struggling to formulate the perfect content for your press releases, use these three pillars as a solid foundation to get you started.

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