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5 Things You Need To Learn Before You Start Hacking

A large number of IT enthusiasts aspire to become an ethical hacker. Nowadays, there is an increased demand for cyber security professionals due to rising instances of cybercrime.

It is a profession full of challenges. The following are some of the most crucial points regarding hacking for beginners that you must keep in mind before you step into this career.

1) Know About Multiple Types Of Hackers

There are various types of hackers known by terms such as the grey hat, white hat, and a blue hat. The grey hats and white hats are known to use their abilities for ethical hacking.

However, black hats generally indulge in illegal hacking. A wide range of ethical hackers is hired for carrying out penetration tests in which a penetration testing device identifies the foibles in a computer or an app to prevent them from various potential external attacks.

2) Evaluate Your Natural As Well As Academic Competencies

Organizations don’t have particular guidelines concerning academics to become a cyber-security professional as every organization has different requirements. Although to establish a successful career in ethical hacking, you may require a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Information technology. You also need to be ready for unforeseen challenges, handling any kind of pressure, and thinking outside of the box.

3) Get Ready To Discover More About Programming

Any ethical hacker must have a good understanding of programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, PHP, and many more to succeed in this field. In addition to this, he or she must also have a sound command over a variety of operating systems like iOS, Linux, Windows, and Unix.

4) Make Sure You Are Aware Of The Latest Developments In Technology

If you are willing to make a career in ethical hacking, you need to be updated about the recent hacking techniques and tactics as doing so will increase your chances of getting hired by an organization.

5) Obtaining Certifications

Before you start your career in ethical hacking, make sure you understand that you also need to obtain certifications like any other IT expert. You must identify which certifications are good, to begin with. EC council is known to be the most reliable and renowned body for this. This means that if you are certified by the council, getting hired by an organization becomes easy.

Therefore, all the points mentioned above are essential aspects that you must take into consideration before starting a career in ethical hacking.

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