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6 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by Moving Companies in Toronto

Toronto sees plenty of moves every year. It’s commendable that most of these moves occur quite smoothly. Hiring the best movers in Toronto, is key, of course. But there still are some movers who do slipshod work and are simply out to get your money. If you’re not careful, you could end up being the victim of some shady mover out to scam you. So how do you identify the best moving companies in Toronto?

Here are 6 things that you could pay attention to, while choosing a mover:

  1. Contact details are updated

A good moving company should have a decent website that introduces them, their services and most importantly, mentions up-to-date address and contact details. After all, if you have any concerns, you ought to know where to contact them. Some of the best movers in Toronto reassuringly display professionalism in their instant chats and telephone calls too.

  1. Reference gets a double thumbs-up

Ask your friends, family or colleagues about reliable movers. A few of the names are bound to be repeated and you can easily choose from them. Being referred to the best moving companies in Toronto doesn’t just let you ask questions to your reference, it also builds your confidence in tried and tested brands.

  1. Discuss moving day in detail

The best movers in Toronto will make an appointment with you to discuss the move, in detail. That’s when you can tell them say, your staircase situation, things you plan to take, discard or store away, packaging material, trucks, insurance, approximate duration – basically, everything should be addressed before a plan is drawn up.

  1. Price and Budget

A move from one place to another shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. There are many affordable movers in Toronto. Most of the city’s reputable moving companies offer all-inclusive services at an hourly rate. This usually covers the labor, trucks, packing material, kilometers – there really wouldn’t be anything extra. Just to be safe, don’t pay large advances – there’ll be less risk of the movers running off with your belongings.

  1. Insurance

Make sure that the moving company provides insurance and understand its coverage. You wouldn’t want to have that antique grandfather clock accidentally broken during transportation only to realize it wasn’t insured.

  1. Do you want to do the packing yourself?

If you’re usually a hands-on person, you might like to get involved in the moving process. You could do the packing by yourself and get the movers to simply load your things, transport them and unload them for you. Some of the best moving companies in Toronto even provide the packaging material at no extra cost. Of course, if you’d rather not get your hands dirty, they’d gladly take over.


If you’re looking to hire one of the most affordable movers in Toronto, you’re probably looking at Let’s Get Moving. As an awarded moving company, with tremendous experience in the moving field, there really isn’t a better choice for all your packing and moving needs. They even have storage facilities for those things you aren’t just ready to discard yet.

Here’s a bonus tip: Click photographs of all your items before packing. You’ll avoid disputes of any damage during the move 😉

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