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A little bit about Bo Parfet’s involvement in the education scene

Bo Parfet has excelled in so many things in his life, both professionally and personally. He is a very excellent finance executive with a lot of success behind him in the world of business. Mr. Parfet’s home where he was born and raised is Kalamazoo in Michigan. He started his work as a finance enthusiast very early in his life. He would later graduate with a master’s degree in economics. He is also a holder of an MBA from the Northwest University’s Kellogg School of Management. He graduated from The Kellogg School of Management located in Chicago. Because of his love for finance and business in general, Bo has worked for J. P. Morgan as an investment banker. This is a job that gave him a lot of experience that has proven to be very useful in his later years in life. Bo also held a position of the Accounting Standards Board where his job title was a research fellow officer.

In his life, Parfet has always been a lover of adventure and that is exhibited strongly in his later years. For this reason, you can consider him to be an avid outdoorsman.

Bo’s involvement in the education scene

Bo has a long history of being involved in the education scene, especially in his local community. Back in the year 2004, Bo managed to create an award program he named the Seven Summits Awards Program. The program is still in existence up to today and its main goal is to reward top students of the climbing program with grants. The grants that students receive from this program are meant to be used to conduct research in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Bo has also been involved in very successful partnerships with two reputable organizations, that is, the Explorers Club and the Kellogg School of Management. This is one of the best partnerships you will ever come across in life because it gives everybody what they need. In the end, everybody benefits in one way or another. In the partnership, Bo managed to ensure that seasoned explorers from the Explorers Club give lectures on the Kellogg School of Management campus. The lectures re are mostly about leadership.

Bo has also been involved in several programs that help disadvantaged students in Africa and other places around the world. He has helped so many African students to pursue medical studies at higher levels in Africa and outside the continent.

Bo as an avid climber and an impact investor

Being an avid climber, these programs mean a lot to Bo on a personal level. He has being involved in several mountaineering expeditions where he climbed all of the world’s tallest mounts. He climbed the tallest mountain on every planet. Examples of the mountains he has climbed include Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest, Mt. Denali, Mr. Elbrus, and Mt. Kosciuszko among a few others.

Impact investment is something that is hard wired into the core of Bo. He has been involved in several impact investment projects at various levels.

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