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Certified Accounting Services for Multiple Industries to Improve Efficiency

The accounting department is a critical aspect of every business since it controls all the money that comes in or out of business. An adequately managed accounting department gives the business a clear picture of its current position and makes business owners make informed decisions on their daily operations. Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP is a Certified Public Accountants firm providing remarkable accounting services to different industries such as manufacturers and wholesalers, no-profit organizations, labor unions, real estate, public companies, private client groups, privately held and family-owned businesses and employee benefit plans. The different accounting services offered include the following:

Advisory and consulting

Every decision affects the business immensely, making it essential to make the right decisions. Long Island accounting professionals help business owners to fill any gaps within their businesses. Through knowing clients personally and their business goals, certified accountants develop a plan guiding the client on how to save money and grow their business. Clients get assisted in understanding the current business world, which makes it easy for them to achieve growth in their businesses. The guidance offered gives clients a clear understanding of their money and business, thereby making profitable decisions.

Audit assurance 

Audits are necessary to ensure that one is compliant with regulatory requirements. The Long Island accounting professionals understand the complex nature of the regulatory measures and have many years of experience. The audits get done with integrity and keen attention to detail in line with the set standards to give a credible report. Everything gets done professionally within the set time without faulting the quality of the work done.

Commercial and family back office

A back office is an integral part of a business but maintaining it is time-consuming, taking an individual from other essential aspects of the business. The Long Island accounting professionals provide their business owners with various back-office tools and expertise to achieve their business goals. The guidance helps business owners reduce costs and improve their operations to focus on commercial and family office operations.


A business must take the necessary measures to protect itself from cybersecurity incidents. The accounting professionals offer cybersecurity services to small and mid-sized organizations, preventing cybercrimes. Through thorough assessments and tests of the business security systems, areas of weakness are identified, and the business team is equipped to prevent attacks.

Peer review

Long Island accounting helps clients to improve their accounting and audit practices and make them efficient. A successful peer review enables a business to have an in-depth perspective of the business procedures and policies. The issues faced by the business get well addressed to bring value to the process. The weakness in the system gets identified, and recommendations and best practices are to achieve efficiency.


Accounting is a significant business department that requires professionals’ guidance to achieve efficiency. The accounting services offered by certified accounts improve the business’s efficiency and enable it to grow. Also, significant business issues get addressed, and proper recommendations are offered.

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