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Dedicated hosting can increase website speed

Isn’t it obvious by now that dedicated servers can significantly increase your site speed? If that is the case, is it worth all the extra dollars you will need to spend to rent a dedicated server? Fortunately, dedicated servers have become increasingly cheap due to the proliferation of websites on the internet and the number of ecommerce sites. The number of websites on the internet is over a million and the ones that deal with some sort of financial transactions are also very many. Thus, the general demand for dedicated servers has grown a lot and that is why dedicated server web hosting service providers have increased in number a lot.

How important is performance?

You may be wondering why everybody is obsessed with speed on the web and it is probably understandable if you are the type of people that never find any reason to surf the internet. If you have ever browsed the internet, how did you feel when a website you opened took 30 seconds just to displayed the page you wanted to see? Exactly, it is boring and a complete waste of time. No one wants to spend time on a website that takes a decade to load just a single page. Work that could be done in a minute would take ten minutes if the website is loading slowly and if that is not a waste of precious time, then I don’t know what is.

Speed is very important in every aspect of the web today and some of the best websites aspire to achieve only half a second of delay before a web page loads in its entirety. If you are an ecommerce company, a three-second delay can increase your bounce rate and lead to loss of traffic and money. In the long term, you may be forced to close shop if you don’t move to cheap dedicated servers in Australia.

How dedicated servers increase website speed

Dedicated servers simply increase speed by not sharing computing resources among many websites. All the resources of the server are reserved for only a single website. This is opposed to shared servers where whichever site grabs the resources first gets to use them first while other websites have to be slowed down in their loading of web pages. On VSP hosting, each website is allocated specific resources, but that is still not enough because there is always a limit to what you can do. That is not the case with dedicated servers where the sky is the only limit.

How increased speed benefits your website

There are several benefits of a site that loads faster than others one of them being that it improves your SEO rating. Search engines usually rank websites based on various criteria one of them being how fast they load pages. As such, when you host your website on a dedicated server, you get the benefit of being ranked higher on search engine results. This can translate into a lot of revenue if you monetize it well enough.

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