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Different Investment Ideas You Can Consider In These Worrying Times

With the world’s economy being in such uncertain times, if you have money to invest, you may want to be cautious to try and protect your investment. There are still some excellent investment opportunities available if you look hard enough and do the research that can show you an excellent return on your investment. You will need to look at all the available options, weigh the risks, and select the one you are most comfortable with adding to your investment portfolio. Below are some ideas to get you started on different investments that may be suitable and show you excellent returns.

Invest In New Technology

When you think of tech start-ups, many people think about Silicon Valley in the USA, but many excellent tech investments worldwide can prove lucrative for you. You will need to understand the technology you are looking to invest in and ensure you do plenty of homework to help you decide whether this type of investment is for you. If you are lucky, you may find your investment is the next big thing and takes off, showing you fantastic returns on the money you invest in start-up investments.

Consider Investing In Gold

If you are looking for something relatively safe to invest in that will help you hedge against inflation, an excellent option you can consider is investing in physical gold. Gold is relatively stable, and the price continues to increase slowly over the years, so it can prove profitable for you and show you decent returns. However, you do need to keep in mind that there are storage costs involved, and you have a few options available, such as:

A Safety Deposit Box: There are various places you can rent a safety deposit box on a monthly or yearly basis, and you need to factor in this cost to your investment and the profits it will eat up.

A Safe At Home: You can also have a safe installed in your home to protect your investment, and this will be a one-off fee. However, your investment will need a separate insurance policy as a standard home contents insurance policy will not cover it.

Store It With A Gold Dealer: Many gold dealers can also store your investment for you, and there will be a monthly fee for this privilege.

Invest In Utilities

You can also decide to invest in stocks and shares, and there are some sectors which are relatively safe, even in a recession that you may want to consider adding to your investment portfolio. You need to think about the industries that carry on supply despite harder economic times, and there are many companies you can consider, and some sectors you can consider investing in can include:

  • Water Suppliers
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Retail Grocery Companies

You will need to do your homework and look for companies with strong balance sheets that are profitable for shareholders. It is not something you will want to rush into deciding, and you can click here to learn more about investing safely during a recession.

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