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Do Cell Phone Radiation Shields Work?

Most of the population in the world today use cell phones regularly. In fact, I think that it is fair to say that the cell phone occupies most of our time. If you go out in public you will see that most of the people around you are on their cell phones.

Of course, there is a concern that the cell phone emits radiation while using them, or more specifically while talking on the phone. There are several ways to reduce that risk. One way to reduce this risk is to use the speakerphone. Another way is to not use the phone where the signal is weak, as that emits more radiation when using in a poor service area. Several markets offer cell phone radiation protection products to protect you from the radiation that the cell phone emits while in use. The question is do they work the way they are intended to?

The answer to this question is no they do not work. The Federal Trade Commission says that there is no scientific proof that these radiation shields reduce the exposure to the radiation. This is just another marketing ploy to sell their products. In fact, the opposite is true that these radiation shields that are supposed to protect you emit more electromagnetic radiation, then if you were to use your phone without them. This was backed with a study. They tested out cell phones to see if the radiation shields worked on these phones. The suppliers claimed that it blocked 99% of the radiation that the cell phone emitted. There were also claims that the shield emitted reverse radiation that would cancel out the harmful radiation. The conclusion was that all of the cell phone radiation protection products did not affect the radiation emitted by cell phones, so they did not work.

The other question is whether these cell phone radiation protection products are even necessary. It has been proven scientifically that cell phones are not dangerous products. Scientists have done the study and have concluded that the way the radiation could harm your body is not plausible. One of the reasons scientists have come up with that conclusion is that the electromagnetic fields that the cell phones generate are not strong enough to break the molecular and chemical bonds in human cells. Therefore the radiation does not harm us. Another reason is that the electrical fields that are created by cell phones are much weaker than the electrical fields that are already in our body naturally. Cell phones put out such a low exposure compared to the normal exposure of electromagnetic radiation that we already get. The human body is constantly being exposed to many sources of high and low frequency of electromagnetic radiation sources. These occur both naturally and man-made. The amount the cell phone puts out is relatively low compared to the other exposures we get on a daily basis.

The radiation shields are not necessary to have when you are using the cell phone. It has been proven with tests and the conclusion that scientists have come up with. The radiation shields don’t work and have been proven unnecessary. Of course, the manufacturers of these products will have you believe that they are necessary and that you must have them to protect yourself from harm. This is not true and it has been proven. The manufacturers of these protection shields are just using these as a ploy to sell their products. Cell Phone radiation shields do not work, and they are definitely not necessary for you to use your cell phone as you wish.

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