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Enhance Your Business with a Local Colocation Data Centre

Why try to manage your data when a local colocation center can do it for you? A specialised centre will provide the infrastructure and security to ensure your data is housed in a secure location. By picking a colocation data centre to look after your digital systems, you enjoy the benefits of having their servers in the cloud while still maintaining physical control.

Unlimited Access – Many business owners considering data centres are concerned that when they move their infrastructure off-site, it will be more difficult to access. This simply isn’t the case as a data centre provider ensures their clients have 24/7 access to all their services. When you opt for a local infra data center, you can access your hardware and data at all times. Leading data centres also mitigate risk by guaranteeing access during an emergency situation.

Checking Up in Person – If you run a business in Thailand, it makes sense to work with a local colocation data centre. Instead of having a provider halfway around the world, why not use a local company and visit them in person when you have any concerns. You can use key cards or biometric security to gain access to the servers. If you choose a local data centre, you can easily check the infrastructure yourself without having to trust another person’s judgement.

Monitoring Hardware – Data centre providers offer a specialised service that needs important hardware to ensure it stays operational and efficient. Here are just some of main systems needed to run a data centre:

  • HVAC
  • Conditioned power
  • Backup generator

All of these devices are essential, especially in an emergency situation. Although they are constantly monitored, you can still examine all the hardware yourself when you work with a local provider.

Face to Face Relationships – One of the best reasons to choose a local colocation centre is the opportunity you have to interact with the staff. They don’t only provide online customer service; they only offer face to face meetings when clients are available in person. When your data is stored far away, you rarely have this option.

Everything runs more efficiently when you opt for a local colocation data centre. Tasks like data recovery and uploading are made a lot easier and quicker when your business is on a dedicated network. There is no need to send your date around the entire world before it makes its way to and from your servers.

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