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Enhance Your Contract Management Processes with Contract Lifecycle Management Software

A lack of data can result in false analysis when analyzing the contract management processes. However, if you use contract lifecycle management software (CLM), you will have no problem with this analysis.

The software provides valuable insights that help improve the entire contracting process. If your organization is having a hard time streamlining your contract lifecycle management processes, here are several ways how CLM software can resolve that issue:

Stays Up-to-Date with Deadlines 

Dashboards help to make contract management more efficient. You should consider contract lifecycle management software just like a full wall calendar schedule that is hung on the conference room wall.

Since you can access the software 24/7, it goes beyond just highlighting all upcoming deadlines. It also triggers automated notifications and email alerts. Therefore, it prevents incidents of “out of sight, out of mind” while keeping a sense of urgency throughout your processes.

Displays Task Relationships 

Many organizations fail to outline opportunities to start tasks prior to completing prerequisites or lack transparency within a task’s responsibilities. As a result, it creates issues within the organization and with external parties like customers or clients.

Meeting minutes may be helpful for recapping a meeting, but you only get snapshots of the current contract processes, but not the entire contract lifecycle. However, if you use CLM software, you can gain actionable insights into the whole contracting process. It also enables contract managers to spend less time working on simultaneous processes.

Provides Centralized Contract Data Storage 

Besides showing task relationships, CLM software also drills down into the details of each task. It allows you to customize the tasks to include different kinds of data, such as notes from other users and scanned files.

The software enables you to access data remotely. Constant access to the latest contract data helps contract managers make more informed and smarter decisions. CLM software also allows you to respond to customer inquiries and questions in real-time.

Boosts Commitment and Promotes Efficient Completion

Your team can efficiently increase the contract lifecycle completion rate through the authoring, reviews, and approval phases alongside CLM software’s systematic approach.

For instance, the use of e-signature can streamline contract execution. It helps to reduce the average time for people involved in signing the document, from several days to a few minutes. In other words, CLM software helps to accelerate the contract processes. As a result, you can focus on other business processes.

Facilitates Improved Communications and Collaboration 

Contract managers can use centralized contract data to point out the “who, what, and when” of each task. Without experiencing delays in waiting for files to be pulled out of the physical cabinets or pass review from the legal team because all uploaded files are up-to-date, contract managers can assign and receive tasks with more accurate and detailed information.

CLM software also features email and word processing built into the system. These features help to accelerate the users’ learning curve throughout all levels of proficiency. In return, you will notice improved communications and collaborations in the long run.

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