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Get to know the different formats in the resume build

Do you want a professional and modern CV? You can use the different web pages for the resume build. Thanks to technology, you will be able to use these tools that allow you to obtain your resume automatically.

With a good CV, you can stand out and make your academic and professional information. These services are intended to help people create a CV that is approved by human resources.

Most of them have dozens of templates available online that feature industry-required guidelines. If you want to have a reference format, you can use the classic chronological resume. It is a format that is still in fashion and is used a lot in 2020.

For most job applicants, this chronological format is very versatile and popular. With this design, you will list your work experience, starting with the most recent job, and detail the functions’ achievements. If you have continuous employment for many years, this type of resume is perfect for you.

What are the different resume templates available?

There are dozens of templates currently available, so you can choose the one you like best and the one that best suits your needs. The most used templates are:

  • Professional staff

The professional template is one of the most sought after on the different websites to create online resumes. It has an elegant, subtle, balanced design, with an aspect between the old and the modern.

It is perfect for people who want a job in a large company, where the employer will see his great effort to demonstrate his skills and knowledge.

  • Simple or simple template

All online resume building websites like offer you this model. It is a classic design with a single column, has some colored parts, and has dividers ideal for easy reading for the employer.

If you want a balanced resume, you can use this plain or simple template.

  • Cool or creative template

For the most creative jobs, creative worksheets have more colors, unique icons, and visualizations that make information easier to convey. They are fun templates that will make your CV stand out from the competition.

It has two columns, and its icons are very striking to differentiate each section and facilitate its reading. They allow you to show your unique style so that the employer will notice your skills.

  • Contemporary resume template

With the help of the resumebuild, you can get a more classic CV, and it is a single column. It features slim but bold lines and makes it a unique model that will capture all employers’ attention.

If you use the contemporary template, you will have a CV with a lot of presence and more impact to achieve the job you want.

  • Modern template

It allows you to get more defined sections so that your CV is more organized. Her scheme remains between black and white and is a more discreet resume without being boring.

  • Amazing or awesome template

With this design, you will get a model with color, and that has two columns; it is perfect for people who have a lot of information. It offers you a creative yet subtle model.

  • Unique resume template

Different CV creation websites like offer you this template to have a custom and original template. It has a header that offers you a layout with two columns.

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