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Google Docs to WordPress made easy

Google docs and WordPress are two platforms which are very useful to both authors and contributors.  They are both well-armed with various formatting tools and great support for help to those who find difficulties in using them.

We have compiled a shortlist of ideas as to how you could avoid certain formatting and coding issues that you could encounter when importing documents from Google docs to WordPress.

  • The Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg Editor is a page builder that was recently created by WordPress.  It was also created to merge with WordPress core.  This page editor is highly recommended since it copies documents and images from Google docs to WordPress impressively well. We recommend that if you have disabled to use the Classic Editor instead then we suggest that you should enable it again. This will help you easily import google docs to WordPress.

  • Use Jetpack

Jetpack is a plugin that can be installed from the WordPress directory.  This plugin has many benefits including security and also support from WordPress professionals.  Once you activate this plugin you are connected to your account.  Then you are given options for different paying plans but also a free plan which can be used to import Google documents.  Once you install Jetpack, WordPress must be authorized to access Google Docs.  There is a good number of authentications to be made however none of them are particularly complex and also there is good support from the WordPress team.

  • Use for Google Docs

This addon facilitates matters when you want to work on Google docs and then you import your work to WordPress.  It has a number of features that also include keeping all the bold, italic, underlined formatting in google docs when the document is imported to WordPress.  You will also need to authorize Google to access your WordPress blog.

  • Use Wordable

Wordable is a blog management app designed to assist writers and bloggers to work on Google docs and transfer their work to their WordPress website.  Wordable is an excellent app to use since it keeps all the formatting and images done on Google docs when the document is imported.  Once your work is done on Google docs you can just click export in Wordable and your work is already in WordPress. It is that easy to import google docs to WordPress.

  • Create a WordPress account for your writers. 

This is possibly the easiest option that you can find.  If writers have a WordPress account they avoid having any unnecessary formatting problems with importing to WordPress.  WordPress offers the choice between being an author and being a contributor.  WordPress support gives a step-by-step guide as to how this can be done.

Well even though this blog was titled from the frying pan into the fire we have seen different ways as to how to bridge this gap.   It was very practical for both Google and WordPress to offer us these solutions that help both authors and contributors to use both platforms without extra challenges.  We hope that the above will prove useful to your endeavors.

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