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Great Ideas on Improving your Retail Environment

If you run a retail outlet, it is always a challenge to maintain a high level of customer interest, and we all know how important the right ambience is for a retail environment. If you feel that your retail store could do with brightening up, here are a few cost-effective ways to add some colour and elegance to your retail store.

  • Interior Signage – Even if the signage is just how you think it should be, a change of colour or fonts can add a breath of fresh air into any retail space. Search online for a sticker printing shop (called โรงพิมพ์สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thai) and they would be able to show you a wide range of interior signage designs that might work for you. Putting a few well-designed stickers in your windows is always a good idea, especially if you plan on running seasonal promotions. Double check that informational signage covers everything and that it is currently in the best possible locations, as there might be room for improvement there.
  • Background Music – This can have a soothing effect on shoppers, as long as it isn’t too loud, and there are many instrumentals that would fit the bill perfectly. You could tune into a local FM radio station, which is another popular way to introduce some background noise.
  • Run a Short Promo Video – All you need is a flat TV screen and you can loop play a promotional video for customers to watch, which is also a reminder of the high quality that your company is associate with. This could even include any special offers that are currently running, which might help to boost sales.
  • Calls to Action – Known as CTA in the retail industry, these are important messages that encourage consumers to make a purchase. It might be something like, ‘Hurry, while stocks last’, or ‘sale ends this week’, and with the right CTA in the right locations, sales should improve.
  • In-Store Lighting – Many retailers overlook the power of lighting in a retail environment, and with LED solutions, you can get very creative with in-store illumination. You can experiment with a few different scenarios until you find something that works for your store, and you can consider have some neon writing in your shop window, which usually becomes a main feature.
  • Consider a Partial Refit – While it is normal to refit a retail outlet every few years, you could change the carpet tiles at any time, or perhaps give a couple of the walls a much-needed coat of paint. Perhaps some artificial greenery would brighten things up, and there are online suppliers of stunning artificial floral decorations that might just do the trick.

While all or any of the above might be idea, it does very much depend on the existing décor, and if you really want to make some big changes, you could always talk to a commercial interior designer and see what they have to say.

It is always a good idea to make some seasonal changes, which could also be themed, like for Xmas and New Year, and by changing things around every few months, your regular customers will never tire of the décor.

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