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Handmade Creations: Candle Making in Singapore

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable activity to do with your kids over the holiday, then look no further! Singapore’s very own DIY candle making workshop is now open. You will be able to create candles as unique as you are in just one hour.

There is no experience required for this workshop; all materials needed will be provided and there is also a free gift waiting at the end of your session. The best part? It’s only $18 per person! Whether it is Christmas or not, this would make an excellent family event that everyone can enjoy together!

Before you can start creating beautiful homemade candles with your loved ones in just one hour, there are some preparations that need to be done first!

Gather all participants around and begin by introducing them to the materials they will use for this project as well as why these ingredients are important. Explain how each ingredient will come together so that when you put everything into the pot at once, it becomes melted.

In the pot, then place wax chips and either soy or paraffin cubes. The water should be boiling before you pour it in so that all ingredients are melted together into a liquid form. Add your chosen scents or color to create unique combinations!

And finally, dip wicks into this mixture and wait for them to cool down before they can dry out completely 。

At the end of every session, there will also be an activity where participants can make their own candles using what they have learned during today’s workshop – just with different colors and scents! They could even leave these at home as souvenirs from Singapore if they want! It’ll serve as a reminder of how fun it was when making candles together on a relaxing Sunday!

Candle Making Workshop Singapore: Fun and Enjoyable Holiday Activity! The creations can be used as souvenirs for friends back home too — so you’ll never forget all the fun that was had by making these together with everyone during this relaxing afternoon session.

Make memories while creating mementos from Singapore’s holidays when you attend one of the workshops.

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