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Having Birth Certificate Is Means to Protecting The Child’s Right!

A childbirth certificate is the human right of the child. The parents should issue the child’s birth certificate after the birth because it helps the child in many ways. It is needed for education, their health facilities, and also it protects the child. Without the birth certificate, a child may lack access to several services such as health and education. The birth certificate is the civil certificate only that is necessary to issue to can apply for the birth certificate online also, and for that, you can read the article on

The birth certificate is the means to protect the child’s rights so that he or she can enjoy or experience every facility that is provided to the children by the government. But they need to have the birth certificate, or else it will be difficult for the child to grow older, especially for the poor or middle-class people or child they need to have the certificate so that they can experience the best with fewer amounts.

Benefits of having a birth certificate

  • Health care services

Every day, thousands of children die because of the preventable disease they suffer until 5- 6 years. The reason for death if the parents do not have enough money to pay for better health care services, and the result has to suffer the child. But having a birth certificate opens a way for the parents to get the right treatment for their child, and they can save them.

A birth certificate opens the world of health care for the child to get the best treatment, medicines, and vaccination so that the child can stay healthy and safe.

  • Education

When you go to the school for your child’s admission, you have to show them the childbirth certificate to get the admission. No school will allow the child without a birth certificate, whether it is government or private.

With the birth certificate, a child can enjoy admission in the school and is also necessary to have so that the child can have other necessary documentations to enroll in the school.

  • Protection

A birth certificate is a civil certificate that proves the identification of the person. The birth certificate is the identification of that child; without the birth certificate, the child will not exist in the government’s eyes. If there will be no legal documentation of the child, then that means the government or anyone will not protect the child from crimes or abuse.

It is a human right for the child, and it is necessary to have it so that the child can be protected. It is the protection of child rights.

  • Record of existence

If a child has a birth certificate, then nobody can deny the existence of your child. Even the disaster came, and you lost the certificate, then also you do not have to worry because there are many ways to get it back, and nowadays you can go online to get them.


A person may get a pretty much idea from the above-mentioned points that having the birth certificate can protect the child in many ways. A birth certificate is the right of the child, and every child should have it.

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