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Here’s What You Need to Know about Donut Load Cells

Donut load cells are used in the applications that need bolt force measurement, monitoring overload post, clamping force measurements and leg mounting system. The donut load cells are made from stainless steel or carbon steel, there are many custom designs available as well, but can entail aluminium in the load cell structure. On the basis of the application at hand, these loade cells are available in a number of frame sized, configurations and materials. As these load cells are meant to tolerate huge compressive and tension forces, they must always be made from durable materials.

For this very reason, donut load cells are most commonly made from carbon steel or stainless steel. Besides, many manufacturers also provide a number of standard sizes and models, but load cells can also be custom made to be perfectly fit into more unique specifications. Generally, donut load cells are made as circular sensor where a hole passes via the center, a donut shaped sensor. The size of the frame and the diameter of the through hole may differ and many of these can also be custom made for accommodating the off center loading.

With the exceptional design of these donut load cells, it becomes easy to monitor the forces being applied by the load and tension passing via the cell. For instance, a donut load cell can measure the compression force being applied by a tightened bolt. When the bolt has been tightened, the head of the bolt touches the top of the load cell and applies a compressive force which can also be determined.

This is simply an instance of donut load cell use, however, these very load cells can be used in a number of industrial applications for monitoring and measuring essential compressive forces. When choosing a load cell, always consider and compare features and aspects like the construction of the load cell as well as the cable entry method. If the load cells are to be used in extreme environments, then the protection for the load cell must always be considered to make sure they provide long lasting and reliable performance.

Extra protection can always be attained with the help of extra coatings like paints or greases or by using a number of plating materials. The design of the load cell also provides protection from daily materials as they can touch water or solvents.

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