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How Lion’s Mane Mushroom Improves Your Memory Functions

Mushrooms are not just our favorite ingredient. They are also undoubtedly the most fascinating of organisms. Existing in large varieties, each has unique qualities, but none can match the benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms in particular.

Since ancient times, Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been a popular medicinal herb and have featured numerous medicines for treating health issues. While it offers multiple health advantages, such as protecting heart health, reducing cancerous cell productions, and curing anxiety and depression, but the best is how it improves memory functions.

In this article, we will discuss how Lion’s Mane mushroom can improve your memory functions.

How it Boosts Your Memory Functions

Tribe Organics lion’s mane mushrooms are popular for all the right reasons. The shaggy, white globed-shaped mushroom resembles a lion’s mane and boosts cognitive performance wonderfully. Even scientific research supports this fact, all the more reason for people to use this.

1. Natural Nootropic

For starters, this medicinal substance is a natural nootropic. It supports your learning, focus, memory, and brain function. Studies also prove that lion’s mane can enhance your short-term and photographic memory. If those have mainly been your weak points thus far, you know how you can improve these segments now.

2. Reduces Depression and Anxiety

It is also true that those who suffer from anxiety and depression tend to lose focus or perform slowly mentally. Scientific evidence again tells that lion’s mane can reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability in a person. When your depression begins to fade, you become more alert and mentally active.

People tend to slack in their mental performance when they are under depression because the psychoactive and antidepressant drugs make them that way. When you can fight off depression and anxiety through a substance with no side effects, you gain in more than one way.

What causes depression remains an unknown, undecided fact to this day. The only theory experts still stick to is that a shortcoming in the brain chemical serotonin causes the condition. Another intriguing alternative is that depression stems from chronic inflammation of the brain and is not a neurotransmitter imbalance.

Whatever the case, we know brain inflammation has a strong association with anxiety and depression, and most mental disorders. Here, the beneficial point is that the lion’s mane contains the anti-inflammatory compound we know as amycenone. This compound is the main antidepressant property in the medicinal mushroom. Hence, with such strong scientific backing, you cannot doubt how consuming lion’s mane in the form of a supplement for even four weeks would vastly cure your anxiety and depression.

3. Halts Cognitive Decline

If you know of MCI- Mild cognitive impairment, then you would know it acts as the intermediary stage between dementia and cognitive decline related to one’s age. Unfortunately, if any individual receives a diagnosis for MCI, they are furthermore at risk of Alzheimer’s and more forms of dementia.

Hence, research proved how clinical studies found three grams of dried powder of lion’s mane can improve seniors’ cognitive functions with MCI. The best part is that the lion’s mane has no adverse effect even on a senior user.

If you discover beta-amyloid plaques present in you, note they are the most significant Alzheimer biomarkers. By consuming this medicinal mushroom, you’d manage to break up the biomarkers of the disease.

Even scientists believe that the compounds you will consume of the mushroom will effectively halt and possibly reverse Alzheimer’s and dementia. When this substance increases the acetylcholine levels, it halts your mental decline. Your learning and memory skills work closely with acetylcholine, hence the advantage.

4. Protects and Grows Nerve Cells

This medicinal mushroom’s unique quality is that it contains two crucial compounds, which are not present anywhere else. We’re referring to hericenones and erinacines, the crucial compounds that support one’s NGF- nerve growth factor.

Many experts believe that when NGF lacks in a person, they are likely to develop Alzheimer’s. The NGF is the most potent protein for your neurons because it serves as a super useful fertilizer. With this protein, your body can protect and heal nerve cells and boost their growth in the nervous system and the brain.

The only drawback is that NGF is so large a molecule that it cannot pass through the protective barrier of our brain. Hence, you cannot enjoy the maximum potential of this therapeutic component. By consuming lion’s mane, you can provide your system with erinacines and hericenones that can easily cross your brain’s barrier and boost the NGF.

Final Thoughts

Lion’s mane is by far the most unique and essential medicinal mushroom. It contains such properties as present nowhere else and wonders for your memory and brain functions.’s%20disease&text=Studies%20have%20found%20that%20the,months%20significantly%20improves%20mental%20functioning.

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