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How To Block Noise From Neighbors?

Everyone will face issues when they have noisy neighbors disturbing the daily activities with the sound they produce. Instead of getting into fights with them and disturbing social relations, it is better to soundproof homes with sound barrier walls that can block out unwanted noise.

How to soundproof walls?

Soundproofing walls can be achieved in two categories. They include

  •     Direct to wall solutions:

When compared to soundproofing systems these direct-to-wall solutions will be thinner and space-saving. When sounds are low this method can be adapted. These solutions can block airborne sounds and TV sounds as well as conversations. These will be useful to block the vibrations from walls because of the noise.

  •     Soundproofing systems:

This method will reduce high levels of sounds and even vibration through the walls as they can be combined with acoustic materials to form sound barrier walls. This method can be used to stop higher sounds and even loud conversations.

What are Sound Barrier Walls?

These walls are designed to reduce outdoor noise. These are constructed with environmentally durable composite construction in order for them to absorb sound energy and block noise.

Applications of Sound Barrier Walls

Sound barrier walls are used in many ways. Some of them include

  •     Cooling tower
  •     Rooftop HVAC equipment
  •     Cooling units for data center
  •     Dust collector, blower, and compressor
  •     Any outdoor noise source.

Soundproof panels:

One of the other ways to block noise is by installing soundproof panels. These work very well to reduce mid-frequency and high-frequency sound waves only. But these panels cannot block low-frequency sound as they will have long wavelengths.

How do Sound Proofing Panels Work?

Sound Proofing panels work by lowering the soundwaves and dampening them with the help of sound absorption materials that are there in panels. These soundproofing panels will eliminate echoes by controlling the sound from the walls.

Types of Soundproofing Panels

There are mainly two types of soundproofing panels. They are

  1.     Wedge ridge soundproof panels
  2.     Egg crate soundproof panels

The major difference between these two types will be dependent on the design which will have a major effect on how those designs work to reduce the sound. The budget also plays a major role in selecting one of these two types.

Adding Furniture and Decor to block out noise

Adding furniture and decor to the home can also block the noise from neighbors. Some things that can be added to the apartment to block noise includes

  •     Laying carpets that are fluffy in the living room and bedroom can dampen vibration and reduce sound transfer.
  •     Using sound-reducing curtains that can dampen the sound because of its thick fabric.
  •     Large furniture that can act like bouncers to obstruct sound waves from navigating inside.


To block the noise from surroundings and noisy neighbors having sound barrier walls will be the best option as this can block the sounds that may be not possible by establishing soundproofing panels reducing noise pollution and giving a peaceful mind to the people living in the homes.

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