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How to determine comprehensive digital vehicle inspection auto workshops


We live in an advanced world where everything is becoming digital, which means things are growing fast and are more efficient. The importance of digital inspection software is profitable. It is also a long-term method for technicians.

There is a topic circulating in the automotive industry, which is digitization, and most likely, you must have heard about Digital Vehicle Inspection commonly discussed in seminars.

Almost everyone is accepting DVI in the automobile industry, but some workshops are not using or rather don’t know what the term DVI is, and this might be the issue that requires immediate attention.

Digital vehicle inspection makes things simple for clients and helps technicians in many ways. It is one automotive shop management software that helps make life easy for technicians.

For some technicians, paper-based inspections have caused many conflicts between them and their clients due to a lack of communication. It brings annoyance to oneself because you cannot work to your full strength. But with digital vehicle inspection, one can work less and smartly, also escaping difficulties.

Having said all this, this article will give basic knowledge about why to use digital vehicle inspection and not paper-based inspection.

What is a digital vehicle inspection

Vehicles are recorded electronically with the use of this software. This eradicates the rule of thumb nature of the traditional way (paper-based inspection).

Photos and videos follow these reports to understand the issue better. The customer gets genuine information about the vehicle instantly. Clients get a solid approach providing transparency of work done, and also the work is saved in the client’s profile for references.

The traditional paper-based inspection is a challenge because you need to check the vehicles manually and make a report. You need things like printers, papers, and others. The cost of these things too is included. DVI helps solve this problem.

Benefits of DVI in the automobile industry

It is of great significance to take the client’s safety. Work stations should be equipped with laptops and iPad to carry out DVI. Below are the benefits of DVI;

Technicians get information instantly

Once the vehicle gets to the workshop, the tech gets the vehicle’s pieces of information they need right away. DVI helps the tech get information and easily access the information received.

The tech receives a notification on their gadget at the beginning of the job, showing them the vehicle assigned to them. They have access immediately to the vehicle’s history and its current services request.

The assigned tech has a better picture of what they are working on even without leaving the workshop.

Communication issue

DVI helps tech to communicate the repair information to the client because there are times when trying to convey your recommendations, and their reasons can be frustrating. Instead, show it to them. Pictures speak well for a technician as he only needs to talk less.

DVI helps technicians communicate the information by allowing the clients to see where the problem is through gadgets. The video and pictures taken by the technician will be sent along with a note.


It allows the technician to make sure the inspection is consistent. The rise in communication has a direct effect on productivity. Communicating more quickly with customers enables the technician to have a stable productivity lane.

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