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How to Find the SEO Company That is Best for Your Business

The internet has become the largest medium for businesses to spread information quickly about their services and products. Every online business has the desire that the content of their website appears in the top results on the Google search engine. Google ranks websites based on the amount of traction that a website is receiving, which means the more traction a website gets, the higher Google ranks the website.

Traction on a business’ website depends on the quality of the content on the website and the amount of people viewing the content of the website. Therefore, it is important that any business with a website consistently creates new and engaging content. However, the content of any website means little if the content on the website does not appear on Google or other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies specialize in making sure that words and phrases related to the content on a business’ website appears in multiple search engines. Selecting the right SEO company is an important decision because a SEO company could potentially determine a business’ future growth.

There are important actions that a business must take before deciding to use a SEO company for their website. Choosing an SEO should not be a rushed process because there have been to many cases in which businesses have hired a SEO company that does not fit their business model or expectations.

The first action a business must take when searching for a reputable SEO company is to thoroughly review each prospective SEO company’s past performance. Reviewing the record of a SEO company should involve looking at their portfolio, case studies about the SEO company, “industry awards,” or testimonials of previous clients.

Any hugely successful SEO agency will have a large amount of “specific, proven and verifiable” data available to prospective clients. It would be prudent for a business to choose a SEO company that has verifiable proof of performance.

The second step is to contact previous or current clients of each SEO company that you are vetting before deciding on your final choice. This second step will help a business identify the strengths and weaknesses of each SEO company. It is recommended that a business owner gets the contact information of current clients that have partnered with each SEO company that is being vetted.

Business owners should contact 3 or 5 current clients of each SEO firm to learn as much as possible about these SEO firms. It is important to learn about a SEO firm’s process for optimizing a website to appear on Google and other search engines, how the firm operates, and the firm’s method of reporting data to clients about their websites. Going through this process helps a business narrow down its list of potential SEO companies to vet further.

After narrowing the list to one SEO company, the third step in this vetting process is to have the decision makers of a business meet with the prospective SEO company in person or virtually, through video conferencing. This will help decision makers in a business determine if the SEO firm will be a good partner for their business.

Prior to the meeting, it is important that the decision makers have organized a list of questions to ask the SEO company. Asking questions about “past performance” during the meeting with the SEO company will give a clearer picture of the skill level of the firm and the firm’s ability to perform.

A reputable SEO firm will have no problem answering questions. Three major questions that the decision-makers in a business should ask their prospective SEO firm are the following:

  1. “What experience do you have with our business’ industry?”
  2. “When should we expect to see results?”
  3. “How much do your SEO services cost?”

With questions answered, a decision can be made about partnering or not partnering with the SEO firm.

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