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How to keep your air conditioner Clean and safe?

Summer at its high and your Room cooler is set for Home air conditioning? Isn’t it? When the temperature rises and the humidity rises, making the weather unbearable, the air conditioner must work at its best to keep the inside comfortable. While many people get their air conditioners serviced before the season starts and after the season finishes to ensure optimal performance, there are a few basic things we can do on a regular basis to maintain our air conditioners in good working order.

As maximum hygiene and cleanliness have become the new norm in our homes, keeping our air conditioners clean is also vital for a safe and comfortable indoor atmosphere. We can keep our air conditioner in tip-top shape by performing simple things to ensure that it operates at full capacity, cools efficiently, lasts a long time, and consumes minimal electricity.

A good and functional air conditioner will also provide you with clean air and keep you healthy.

  • Clean your air conditioner’s filters – Air conditioner filters filter out harmful particles like dust, grease, pollen, and other allergens from the air it blows into the room, ensuring that we breathe clean air. Cleaning the filters at regular intervals guarantees that it functions properly and that we continue to breathe clean air from our air conditioner. Cleaning the filters is simple and painless. To save time and effort, choose an air conditioner with an automatic filter cleaning feature, which makes life much easier.
  • Unclog the condensate drains – Check and unclog the air conditioner’s drain channel regularly. The air conditioner’s ability to reduce humidity in the air it blows into the room is hampered by blocked and clogged drain passages. Excessive humidity in the air is harmful to our health as well as our electronics, walls, and carpets. Excess humidity might also cause an unpleasant odor in the space.
  • Maintain evaporator coils for optimum performance — When dust and debris collect on evaporator coils, airflow is reduced, forcing the air conditioner to work harder. The cooling performance suffers as a result. Make certain that the individual servicing the air conditioner cleans the coils. Also, attempt to keep dust from settling over the coils between services. There are air conditioning models on the market that have automatic coil cleaning functions built-in. This is an endogenous technology that ensures the air conditioner always operates to its full potential and lasts longer.
  • Keep the outdoor condenser coils clean — In a dusty city atmosphere, outdoor condenser coils can quickly become filthy. The condenser coils are readily visible, as is the dust on its fins. To avoid this, keep the dirt and foreign particles around the coils to a minimum. Make an effort to keep the area around you tidy. Also, make sure there are no obstructions in the area around the unit to ensure proper airflow.

If you properly maintain your air conditioner, it will provide you with the best cooling experience possible while also keeping your indoor environment comfortable, healthy, and safe.

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