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Industrial UV Curing System Application

Manufacturers often choose UV light curing materials for assembly applications because of their bonding effectiveness, rapid cure time and process efficiencies. UV curing technology has been used in a range of applications, initially with coatings and adhesives, and developing into capabilities such as form-in-place gaskets, temporary masking and potting compounds.

UV Curing offers specialized coating systems for all types of industrial coating applications, including silicone release, wood and furniture, adhesives, plastics, wire and cable, automotive parts and more! Below are the detailed uses of UV curing in different industrial applications?

Metal Decorating

UV Curing systems are uniquely designed for the wide range of metals that are protected with UV coatings such as steel, aluminium, copper, tinplate & galvanized steel. Durability and reliability are essential in Metal Coating and Printing applications. There are a host of specialized systems for pipe and tube UV coating, 2-piece and 3-piece decorating and coating, rim coating and inter deck flat sheet metal printing. The techniques deliver vastly improved adhesion of UV formulations with superior abrasion and corrosion protection. Compact, immediate UV curing results in increased throughput, fewer line jams and downtime. All components of most UV curing systems are easily accessible for maintenance and service.

Wood Coating

UV coating is essential for maintaining durability, chemical and stain resistance while enhancing and displaying the quality of the wood. UV Curing Systems provide an instant cure that delivers consistent durability, long-lasting life and an overall high quality look to all wood products. They also offer high-intensity UV lamps that are finely focused, ensuring that wood products are not exposed to heat or shrinkage. 


There is a full range of UV processing chambers individually designed for every type of adhesive application. Whether it is pressure-sensitive adhesives, laminating adhesives, even reactivation adhesives, UV curing systems provide a precise and thorough cure. Some unique finely focused curing systems provide superior UV penetration for all UV adhesive formulations.

Silicone Release Coatings

UV Curing systems provide UV Curing Chambers for both air-cured silicone release formulations and UV silicone formulations that require Oxygen Exclusion, typically nitrogen inert processing chambers. The finely focused elliptical shutter design provides maximum speed with superior UV penetration into all types of silicone release UV formulations. A spec of Optimum Air-cooled Processors ensure ease of operation for the press operator and maximizes peak irradiance for even the most extraordinary processing speeds. 


With more businesses seeking that perfect print quality to display their brands and products, it does not come as a big surprise that UV printing has emerged as a favorite, despite all of the technicalities behind it. The UV printers and the curing method play a vital part in enhancing the quality as only the highest-quality products are printed using this technique. UV curing is used in UV printing because the turnaround times are much faster, something companies prefer. UV technology is now so efficient due to its drying process that it can reduce the turnaround of the majority of high-quality printing jobs by around 40 per cent, while the quality is not compromised.

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