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Is Your Law Firm Properly Managing Its Reputation?

Social Media Law & Order has specialties in all things social media marketing. The company helps lawyers build up their brand to attract new clients and engage with their audience. This company has knowledge of the strict rules that have to be followed when it comes to legal advertising. Lawyers who want to attract the most clients and build a strong audience will benefit from this company because of the strategic marketing methods that are regularly put in place to help plan the rise of a new or existing law firm. Experts at Social Media Law & Order such as Ethan Wall serve multiple purposes such as providing lawyers and other professionals with knowledge via keynote speaking and presenting on social media.

One resource that the company provides to its customers is a lawyer reputation management program. This is an excellent program for lawyers who are in need of building a clientele. Positive reviews are accumulated from Google and other social platforms after clients leave private feedback on the program page. This is a two-tiered system that was created to automatically bring the private feedback to the eye of the public. Along with this, clients create a rating based on their experience at a particular law firm. This is sent to them via email and it encourages them to leave positive feedback for the firms rather than going out of the way to leave negative feedback on the internet. It makes sense why the program has its name because it builds up the reputation of various law firms that need a little more attention to bring in more clients. Positive reviews are very important for law firms because negative reviews have a high chance of making a law firm look bad. This strategy ensures that reviews are more likely to positively impact law firms and make them more competitive in the industry.

Attorneys have more pressure on them to have a good reputation so it can be very beneficial to enroll in a program that serves to improve the reputation of one’s firm. It may be hard to build up leads if there aren’t any positive views about one’s law firm. Social Media Law & Order’s reputation management service was created to help attorneys build a positive reputation online and improve the image of law firms that need it most. Ethan plays a huge role in the program and is the go-to person for starting this program. This program can help attorneys, law firms, and the online brand of the attorney or law firm. Through the lawyer’s reputation management program, many positive reviews have been accumulated across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Google. These reviews have the power to raise search engine results and give an advantage to attorneys who want to build an excellent image. This can give attorneys a competitive edge against other law firms and attorneys that exist within the same location.

This approach was created to provide an easy route to bring positive feedback from the company website to online social media hubs that would otherwise be filled with negative feedback. This is a better way to control client reviews and make sure to address them directly. These methods help to improve the reputation of attorneys who need more of an edge and allow them to improve the experience of clients who may have had a less than stellar experience with a law firm. Not only does this help to build a positive reputation but it also increases the likelihood of a law firm earning more clients in the future.

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