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Is Your Rowing Club Up-To-Date On Weather Warning Software?

Are you and your rowing club up to date with the latest weather warning software. Make sure that you are taking the proper way to prepare yourself and the ones around you update with the weather warning and take it seriously. It could save yours or the one standing next to you life.

So make sure you go over some steps with your rowing club and make sure everyone is on the same understanding on what to incase an emergency weather alert.

  • First you need to review and go over the emergency plan, don’t just think everyone knows. It is important that you go over the emergency plan and everyone knows the evacuation routes and do this physical walk through this and do it as a team. Also write down the emergency plan before an emergency will happen, make sure you also have a plan with everyone how you will meet up and be able to contact others to make sure everyone where everyone is and make sure they are safe. Keep a copy of this plan and make sure you also have one that can hang up, it should be sealed tight and waterproof with your other emergency supplies kit, make sure your safe place or room is easy for everyone to access as well. This is a very important case if an event of a major disaster can occur.
  • Second, check your emergency supply kit and make sure it will contain Water this is sure to be at least one gallon of water for each person a day because you don’t know how long the storm might last. Food is non perishable items and enough for everyone to have food everyday also make sure you have a can opener for canned foods. Flashlights and extra batteries and make sure you also have a radio and cell phones with chargers so you can get the latest update on the weather in your area. Make sure you have warm clothes and blankets and anything else that you and your team will need.
  • The Third is to make sure that you are up to date on your insurance and the latest updated software for your phones and computers make sure you have every system updated so you and your team are ready for anything that might occur. You need to have weather alert system software downloaded to your cell phone, tablet, computers and have a good channel on TV for your local areas that way you are current with what every storm might occur your way. It can be from a lightning warning, to a rainstorm, or a tornado to hurricane warning. Just make sure you and your team are all on the same understanding and everyone has the right update system.
  • Fourth is to make sure you and your team are covered by all means. Your state might issue a warning that your team needs to take cover before a lightning warning or a hurricane warning is sent so make sure that safety comes first and follow the right guidance for the emergency officials if that means you take cover where you are or evacuating before the storm is approaching you and your team. Make sure if you have time to protect your property make sure windows and shutters are secure and move all vehicles into a covered garage if you can.

When it comes down to the bottom line it is safety and the knowledge of knowing that you and team are ready for any kind of warning and storm that might come your way.

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