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The best way to avoid plagiarism is to use plagiarism checker

It is the era of digitization—the advent of technology has lead people to publish their works, research papers online. It’s considerably less costly, and it can help the writer to reach more readers within a short period. It has increased the rate of plagiarism as well.

Plagiarism is intentional misappropriation or copying of another text without mentioning the original source, quotation marks, or text citation. For the writers who are willing to publish their research works should be careful about committing plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a punishable offense. Copying from another work also removes the very essence of the writing. Hence, it fails to reach the readers, which is the primary intention of any content.

Know About Different Types of Plagiarism

There are different types of plagiarism.

  1. One of them is self-plagiarism when the writer uses an inevitable part of his writing already published, then this is called self-plagiarism. The writer should try to avoid that as well.
  2. The writers may paraphrase a particular part of a work, but that also comes under plagiarism.

Know the Way to Avoid Plagiarism


Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

  • There are several ways to avoid plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism for a writer is to find out his/her idea and concept on a particular topic. Then he needs to arrange and write his/her conception and observations about that particular topic.
  • Any research paper earns more importance if the writer expresses his/her unique idea, rather than a topic that has been widely discussed.

If the writer wants to extract parts from other works to substantiate his/her argument, then he must use quotation marks. Even if the writer wants to use words or ideas from other works, he should give proper credit to the original source. 

  • Citing the source increases the credibility and weightage of a work. It is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism. The first step to do so is to include a citation. A proper citation includes the name of the work, original author, date of publication, page number from where the writer is quoting.

If the writer fails to include these things, the readers may consider that the article constitutes plagiarism.

  • One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is to use an online plagiarism checker. There is some free plagiarism checker tool available online that detects plagiarism. The writer can change the sentence structure as well to cross the percentage of similarity detected by the plagiarism checker.

The main aim of writing is to deliver the idea of the writer to the reader. This writer needs to have the credibility to fulfill his/her duty of authorship. Therefore to make writing plagiarism-free, the best way is to express own idea with own words.

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