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Office Refurb – Have You Considered Glass Partitioning?

Are you considering an office refurbishment, or have you just moved into a new school building? A great way to create a modern and stylistic look to your space is to use glass partitions to give a fantastic look to your workplace; they are available in several different options. It is the perfect solution that helps staff improve productivity and welfare.

A glass partition is an option for cubicles, corner offices, stand-alone units, or even a single partition if you want to divide a single room into two workspaces. Depending on your requirements, it is possible to fit a different type of glass to suit your needs; these can include-

  • Single Glazed Glass
  • Double Glazed Glass
  • Acoustic Glass
  • Fire Rated Glass

Which Type of Glass is For You?

Let’s look at the above glass types and their characteristics. The single glazed partition gives a clean, contemporary look using a toughened safety glass to provide a decent level of sound protection up to 33 Decibels (dB); this could be partnered with acoustic glass to improve this to around 37dB. The double-glazed partition is a step up, giving a high-end solution if your workspace requires an improved acoustic performance with sound protection up to 44dB. It is also possible to install internal blinds between the two panes of glass if privacy is an additional requirement. The fire-rated glass is also an available option at several different ratings to protect either critical areas such as fire evacuation routes or whole workspaces if you so choose.

Are There Different Types of Glass Partition?

There are also multiple design options available when looking at designing your space; one of these is the Banded glass design which uses an aluminium outer framework and UPVC bars to create a stylish framed finish; the banding is offered in multiple colours to suit your office design. A further option is what’s usually known as Switchable glass or Smart glass; this uses different layers of glass and various chemical layers to give either clear or opaque at the touch of a button; the dual-purpose partition gives both flexibility and an impressive contemporary look. At the higher end of the glass partition world is the curved glass partition; it is self-explanatory but can provide any office space with the wow factor to impress clients with its great professional look.

Additional Design Features

When choosing to use glass partitions to create your perfect workspace environment, it is also worth noting that you can design stickers or what’s called manifestations to decorate your glass partitions; they could be your company logo, or any number of different options open to you. Movable glass partitions are also an option if flexibility is needed in an existing workspace; ideal in an open-plan office, they can create a private space if needed temporarily.

What About in The Home?

Glass partitioning is a great option you can use in your home to give you an elegant modern look; bringing natural light into your home is being recognised as providing an improved level of mental health, and using the different types of sound protection, you can provide improved sound characteristics to the various areas of your home to your own specification. Take a look at glass partitions today!!

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