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Peter Loftin is a Perfect Example of Inspirational and Successful Business Personalities

Peter Loftin is a well-known businessman whose success and life can be an inspiration for many people. And, his charitable deeds deserve applause and fan-following. He has been doing everything since a very young age and is still full of zeal and energy. People can learn from his generosity and business ethics. People really need to know more about him so that they have a perfect example of somebody who is really capable and inspirational.

Peter Loftin Made It Possible in Business Despite Being from a Non-Business Background

Since, Peter’s mother was an Elementary school teacher and father a Korean War veteran, he had no clue from the family regarding how to do business. However, at a very young age, he decided to start a telecom venture and further take it to new heights and earn profits and reputation. It was the time when Bell telephone’s reign was diminishing in 1983 when Peter Loftin introduced BTI (Business Telecom Inc) in Raleigh.

Within few years of establishment, the company started gaining popularity and recognition and started employing people at large. Premium services to customers and placements at all levels by BTI became talk of the town. This new entrepreneurship was giving a tough competition to many other telecom giants and being liked by people at large.

A few points in everyone’s life are like milestones, and for Peter Loftin, the year 2016 became the same when he established the largest whiskey distillery in USA. It is known as Bardstown Bourbon and runs Collaborative Rye, Bourbon and Whiskey programme. Peter Loftin serves here as the Chairman of board and he was the one in favour of Constellation Brands partnership.

Peter Loftin has bagged certain awards from time to time. He earned the title of North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year given by Business North Carolina Magazine. For his generous action of providing free internet to the disabled students in outskirt schools, he was termed as Corporate Citizen of the Year by the reputed North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association. On the national list of local exchange carriers, BTI got seventh rank.

Apart from Business Achievements, Peter Loftin Has Several Social Successes

Business achievements are something that cannot be separated from any business tycoon. But something distinct is not everyone’s charm. Peter Loftin has maintained the reputation of being generous and caring for the society. He has contributed a lot from a very tender age. When he was twenty years old, he started an initiative named Coats for Kids. Under this programme, poor kids were given warm and quality clothes so that they could get strength to endure cold and harsh weather.

Apart from this, Peter’s love for museums and art centres is evident from his contributions to the same. He also cares for health of the public and donates a lot of money to health centres. Peter Loftin is a versatile personality who cares for the society, country, artists and many other causes apart from seeking profits in business.

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