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Processes To Follow In Video Production

To reach your potential customers and generate credibility for your brand, the best alternative is to hire a video production company like for example. That’s because a specialized team takes care of your audiovisual content from the conception of the idea to the finalization, working so that the material reflects the identity of your business.

Video Production Planning And Budgeting

Based on the script, all video production costs and details must be carefully planned. The main activities to be developed are:

  • study of recording dates
  • choice of settings/locations
  • selection of actors/actresses
  • definition of presenters/announcers
  • determine the references that will be followed
  • survey of costs, expenses, and investments (materials, costumes, equipment, etc.) necessary to carry out the project

It is important to remember that recording in public places requires a request and authorization from agencies, such as the city hall in the region and, in private environments, prior authorization from those responsible for the area.


When you hire third parties for your videos, such as extras and announcers, there is a need to sign image and voice assignment terms for commercial use.

On the day of recording, or before, the producer must take the printed documentation so that the contractors can sign and formalize the work and authorization.


Recording a video with amateur equipment and lack of knowledge can generate frustrating results and waste time and resources.

Therefore, a specialized video production company uses high-quality equipment so that the image capture is flawless.

Among the equipment you will need for your video production, we can mention the main ones:

  • cameras for video recording;
  • tripods;
  • Steadicams or electronic stabilizers (specific support to stabilize the camera);
  • external microphones;
  • lavalier microphones;
  • Lighting equipment;
  • aerial imaging equipment (such as drones).


With the script produced and the equipment selected, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start video production. This is the moment that encompasses the entire recording process and everything it involves, such as capturing images and recording audios with announcers and presenters, whether in a studio or on an external location.

The production represents the backstage of the project, involving the work of several professionals so that everything runs perfectly. Remembering that it is essential that there is a responsible person to lead the entire process and coordinate the team, ensuring that all planning and script are followed within quality standards. This person in charge is known as the production director.

Editing And Finishing

After the entire production stage, it’s time to carry out the audiovisual project’s most responsible task: editing. In general, editing is selecting only the best scenes and takes, organizing them in a way that conveys the message to the viewer with coherence and clarity. At this stage, resources such as visual effects, soundtracks, voiceovers, graphic arts, and the whole concept of the director must be added. After all, editing is also responsible for moving and making an impact.

Finally, it is essential to remember that there are numerous different formats, resources, and strategic actions that can be used to promote a brand, idea, concept, or institution.

Financial Video Production Services are becoming a popular trend among businesses of all sizes. They can help you to engage your audience, provide a high-quality product, and increase your brand awareness.

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