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Questions that people ask about police check

When you are applying for a new role, it is a practice that is common for your potential employer to request that you provide a police check which you can readily get at the if you haven’t completed a police check at any given time, you might a task that is overwhelming. The following are some notes which might help you to understand better what the national police check and why it is necessary that is conducted.

What about the national police check?

A search for national police check involves identifying and being able to release any AFP – Australian federal police that is relevant information that are subject to the relevant spend non disclosures, convictions, legislation and information that releases policies. Each of these police checks can be undertaken only with the consent that is informed of the person being checked.

The process normally involves:

  • Search an index that is central containing the persons names of the interest to police
  • Possible match referred to the services for police for evaluation of their records
  • Issuing of a national police certificate.

What does the national police check entail?

A police check is normally an indication that either there is no records which are held or it contains information that is obtained from the agencies of the police which can be disclosed.  With a national police check, it will provide a person’s police history summary information in Australia and it will include:

  • Appearances in court
  • Convictions in court that include sentences or penalties
  • Findings of guilt without conviction
  • Bonds for good behavior or other court orders
  • Any charges that you have been involved in
  • Matters that are awaiting hearing of court

What is not included in the national police checks

When it comes to national police checks, they do not include information regarding convictions which have been spent. A conviction that has been spend is normally a criminal conviction which has already been removed from the individual’s criminal record as it lapses after a certain period. Whether the conviction spend will tend to vary from one federal legislation and state to the next, but generally a criminal offence spend that is older than 5 years which convicted as a child, or an offense that is more than 10 years in any other case, is categorized as a criminal offence spend.

What is the period to wait before you get police check results?

In most instances, the certificate for national police check comes out after 1 or two working days after you submit the application. In some instances, the checks might take up to 15 days for you to get the results. If it happens that way, it might be due to the application being flagged so that it goes through further reviews if it happens to have been matched with someone else’s database that has the same name, date of birth or/and gender.  When such a thing happens, a review process is carried out where the police agencies in Australia are consulted to be able to resolve the match.

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