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Reasons why BSNL is popular among consumers

It is said that old things have their own grace. BSNL is unarguably one of the oldest mobile operators in India. In an era of 4G and 5G, and the monopoly of mobile operators like Jio and Airtel, a lot of people who haven’t changed their SIM or bought a SIM in years still rely on BSNL. However, government-owned enterprises like BSNL and MTNL have played a significant role in the development of telecom infrastructure, even before the emergence of private players. Till now BSNL services were only 3G because of which BSNL prepaid and BSNL postpaid bill payment was quite affordable. This led to people switching to better prepaid and postpaid plans providing 4G services.

Cities with respect to its vast fan India network and constitutes around 80% of most of the wired broadband and landline connections in India. Its role in sparking rural connectivity at affordable prices can also not be overlooked. It has played a crucial role in the implementation of communication networks when it comes to defence forces. All these factors make it quite a popular option among the customers and stress the need for modernization of these networks as a matter of urgency and of strategic interest. But recently, BSNL declared that it will deploy 4G services at 50,000 sites in India by April 2022. This has left many customers elated. Let’s examine the reasons why the popularity of BSNL hasn’t reduced for once-

  • Improving internet connectivity in rural areas: Reports have repeatedly reflected that the percentage of people who are able to access the Internet in rural parts of the area is less than 5%. A lot of people in the rural area primarily use BSNL and thus the popularity of BSNL in rural areas is greater. The increasing connectivity of BSNL in rural India by providing a 4G service along with some serious investments will be a great step. BSNL has always played an effective role in providing network infrastructure in remote parts that is one of its prime USPs. BSNL online payment for 4G services will also begin soon.

  • Indigenous technology: With the popularisation of schemes like Make in India and the promotion of indigenous technologies by the government, the importance of an indigenously developed mobile telecom service has been highlighted and has revived the fleeting popularity of BSNL. The importance of indigenously developing a 4G network has been iterated by government think tank NITI Ayog that is planning to go ahead with this despite the high costs that might be incurred in it. Even when the concept of 5G technology is rapidly gaining pace in India, BSNL is quite popular among people because they have known about it for years. Now, BSNL bill payment can be made online through portals like PayTM, MobiKwik, and Airtel Payments Bank easily, which has supplemented its popularity.

Now you can pay BSNL bill at the comfort of your home by browsing different websites like Airtel Payments Bank that will help you to save up on every transaction through its discount coupons, offer codes, and vouchers. Prepaid and postpaid bill payment are now easily manageable and just a few clicks away.

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