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Secure Your Home Before Going On Vacation

When going on vacation, one of the concerns is obviously to be the victim of a burglary. And for a good reason, burglars generally monitor houses to find out whether they are inhabited. So before going on vacation, it is important to secure your home to protect yourself as much as possible from burglaries. To do this, adopt the right reflexes and visit website to learn more.

Don’t Emphasize Your Absence

Most often, burglaries occur when the owners are absent for several days. It is, therefore, important to remain discreet about your departure and its duration. To do this, avoid posting on social networks. The dates of your trip. Sharing this information is difficult to control, so it is necessary to remain cautious. If you are away long, ask someone to pick up your mail. You can also ask your post office to keep your mail or forward it. An overflowing mailbox is quite indicative of your absence and can attract attention. You can also opt for a remote lighting control system. Thanks to your smartphone, you can light your house from your vacation spot—a perfect way to cover your tracks.

Hide What’s Important

Statistically speaking, burglars take less than 20 minutes to take what interests them. They usually enter through a door, as they are easier to break in than windows. They are generally interested in multimedia devices, jewelry, money, etc. You can therefore choose to protect your valuables by entrusting them to a loved one during your absence, for example.

Security Systems

Security systems from Autocall Installer for example can effectively deter burglars. For example, choosing an armored door with a multi-point lock is a very good solution. You can also opt for installing surveillance cameras directly connected to your smartphone, so in the event of an intrusion, you can immediately contact the police. In addition, you can benefit from the “Tranquility holidays” program by going to the gendarmerie nearest to you. Patrols will then be organized day and night to ensure everything is going well. If you get on well with your neighbors, let them know so they can pay attention. In case of suspicious movements, they can notify the police. You can also choose whether an alarm is connected or not. There are many solutions.

Check Your Home Insurance

When you go on vacation, you can review your home insurance with your insurer. Indeed, she will cover for you in case of problems during your absence. Check that your offer is still adapted to your needs and that the declared value corresponds to what you have at the time.

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