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SEO Updates Marketers Need To Know About For Q3 Of 2020

This year, we have witnessed a lot of unforeseen changes. However, one particular change that we all expected and that occurred recently is the Google Algorithm Update.

Google is always updating its algorithm to ensure quality in all its search results. At the moment, Google is more focused on making its algorithm work around quality content and defining what quality content is.

Quality content has been Google’s main focus for a while now. However, you will notice that this is not always the case after you conduct a few searches. There is a possibility you will get a few unexpected results.

Google introduces core SEO updates occasionally. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to know the latest updates to avoid landing in trouble with Google. Here are SEO updates for Q3 of 2020.

The Page Must Maintain a Clear Focus
For your page to rank higher on SERPs, it needs to have a clear focus. You can achieve this by remaining focused throughout and avoiding fluff.

Google’s core updates seem to pay close attention to how focused the content on your page is. If your content is high quality, there is a good chance that Google will take note of your page.

Currently, pillar posts such as “SEO rules you must know about” are ranking higher on Google. To SEO service bots, such pages’ primary purpose is to create long-form content that ranks higher because of the keywords used.

The longer your content is, the more time a Google user will spend reading your page’s content. As a result, the bounce rates will lower, which makes the Google SEO bots happy.

Quality Content Is Outranking Authority Content
In 2020, you do not have to be an industry leader for your page to rank higher on Google. All you have to do is write quality content. Consequently, you will get enough traffic to help your website secure a top position on SERPs.

When a small website produces quality content, it has a better chance of ranking higher on Google than an authority website. Google’s new core update is the reason why pillar posts are doing so well on SERPs. Google recognizes that its users love them, which is it ranks such posts. In simple terms, Google is trying to level the playing field.

High-Quality Backlinks Are Still Useful
Backlinking is an SEO strategy that has survived every update of Google. Even in 2020, backlinks continue to rule. They help you create a robust link profile with links from various authority sites.

Backlinks work the same as customers’ testimonials or reviews that convince you to purchase stuff you wouldn’t buy under normal circumstances. You will only notice that the purchase is useless later.

Google is likely to trust you if it discovers that you have several backlinks from other trustworthy websites. When another website mentions you, Google assumes that you know what you are doing. Even though backlinking is not a new SEO strategy, it continues to hold its weight.

The above are updates you should expect for Q3 of 2020. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with SEO service, contact 1 source media group to help your business experience growth with digital marketing and design.

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