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Startup Pulse Writer’s Guidelines

What makes a good Startup Pulse article?

A good Startup Pulse article should enrich the reader, by providing them with information, advice, or experience that will help them navigate better in their entrepreneurial journey.

What we accept

We accept writings on many different topics at Startup Pulse; mainly covering entrepreneurial skills, life experience, marketing, product development, financial thinking, etc.In general, we look for four qualities in the articles we receive.

Depth—The Internet has enough spammy blog content written solely for the purpose of littering a website with keywords. Your Startup Pulse article should show a bit more depth, providing the reader with useful, contextual information.

Accuracy — When illustrating your point, provide sources and stats that the reader can check for themselves. Don’t cherry pick from the examples that are convenient to your point, but help the reader understand the broader context of a subject in a fair and responsible manner.

Relevancy—The world of tech moves fast, and information that may have been relevant a few years ago will not be valid for new startups beginning their journey today. Where applicable, include some context of timing for the advice you’re giving. E.g. “In 2015, Google introduced new changes that mean websites that aren’t deemed mobile-friendly can be penalized in search results”.

Actionable—Where applicable, provide the reader with simple, actionable steps that will help them to get their hands dirty and gain first-hand understanding of what it is you’re explaining to them.

Pre-existing content

With a certain degree of discretion, we will accept articles that have already been published elsewhere (for example, on your company blog). However, we prefer and will prioritise original content written specially for the Startup Pulse audience.

Editorial process

Those interested in contributing contribute should send an email to [email protected], briefly stating your aims and providing a sample of your writing.If accepted as a contributor, you will be sent a “Writer’s Agreement”. Upon signing, you will be added to Startup Pulse’s writers to contribute at your leisure. We encourage writers to promote themselves and their own own business via the bio in their Medium profile, or at the footer of their submitted article.Articles are recommended to be between 800 and 3,000 words.Each article will undergo an editorial process and writers will be provided with feedback and notes, if necessary, before going online.The most popular articles each month will be included as part of the Startup Pulse monthly newsletter.

NOTE: The Startup Pulse monthly email was suspended on 24th May, 2018. For the latest advice for startup founders, please follow Startup Pulse on Medium instead: Follow on Medium

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