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Take Your Favorite MMA Fighters To The Top With UFC Manager

MMA Manager is recently launched treat for UFC fans with its sole manager mode. Unlike most of the wrestling games, you do not need to fight to reach the top. Instead, it is a game of strategy and wit. The UFC Manager game requires you to run a gym and recruit fighters from all categories. You are responsible for their training and as your fighters win, you can grow your prestige. The game has a lot to offer and recent fixes have further improved the gameplay.

How To Proceed In The Game?

Playing a manager might seem simple but the game has a lot to offer. There are many aspects of being a UFC Manager and most of them have been taken into account. While playing the game, the following needs to be managed:

  • The game begins with the choice of selecting two fighters to start your journey. As the game progresses further, you can recruit more fighters in different categories to expand your list.
  • Credits and Bucks are crucial for your growth as a UFC Manager. They are used in purchasing gym equipment, hiring trainers, recruiting wrestlers, and so on. There are many ways to earn them, including watching ads and making in-app purchases.
  • Prestige points are an integral part of the game. You will need to expand your gym to recruit more fighters, train them harder, and increase your chances of winning. As the name suggests, Prestige is the reputation of the manager. The higher is your Prestige points, the bigger the gym you could own.
  • Gym equipment is another necessity. They help in improving certain abilities of a fighter. For instance, they can help in improving KO chances, defensive moves, punches, and so on.

Manage And Improve Your Fighter’s Skill Set

You can hire 8 types of fighters as a UFC Manager. Their skills can be customized and you could also develop a customized fighter. To improve their skill set, you need to have a gym and gym equipment. These are not the only requirements as you will need trainers, too. Trainers could either be gym instructors or fighting coaches.

You can train your fighters and improve a certain skill. Improving skills could take time and you could assign a particular instructor or coach to do so. If you have comparatively less number of fighters or trainers, progress could become slow. Therefore, it is advisable to recruit more and maintain a good balance between instructors and fighters.

Make Your Way To The Top With Strategy

You need to have some knowledge about MMA fighting to master the game. There are numerous skills to work on such as knees, kicks, strike defense, agility, and so forth. You must take into account the statistics of individual fighter before you improve a certain skill of his. This could help you win more fights.

Playing as a UFC Manager requires you to work your brain. The game is indeed a treat for MMA fans and it offers different modes to cater to your mood. The cherry on the top is that it is available for free in the application store.

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