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The Many Options of Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes comes in a wide assortment of sizes, materials and configurations. There are custom boxes, single box, stackable boxes, hard sided boxes etc. Cosmetic packaging supplies are on sale at any store across the country. Some boxes are initially manufactured in a rectangular shape, give a full instruction manual for the assembly of both the wanted shape and the original box. Boxes also have different manufacturers for each individual product. Cosmetic packaging boxes can be custom made according to a client’s needs.

Custom cosmetic boxes printing services cover large orders. It is very common to print on cosmetic packaging boxes for bridal collections, photo albums, cosmetics, perfume bottles, baby bottles and even disposable diapers. One of the most common printing themes is “The Bride To Be”. This theme is used for many different products but the most common is printing a bride and groom picture on the cosmetic boxes with the date of their wedding coming up.

The manufacturing of cosmetic packaging boxes can be outsourced to companies that specialize in this field. Once you understand how to design cosmetic packaging, then there are many manufacturers of cosmetic packaging boxes can print to your custom specifications. They can use different standard boxes and then design and add special decorations or cut outs to make them unique. Cosmetic boxes have become more popular over the years and many are printed with personal pictures or company logos.

Customized cosmetic packaging boxes are great for trade shows, seminars, fairs, parties, fundraisers and advertising. They can be used for the storage of promotional pens, cups and plates. Using high quality plastic they can be manufactured into attractive shapes. These boxes can then be placed inside large plastic shipping containers. Plastic packaging boxes for shipping are not only cost effective but have a longer life span than paperboard boxes.

The advantages of using custom cosmetic packaging boxes are that they can be produced to order and are usually of a much higher quality than off-the-shelf items. The box can then be filled with a variety of products and placed on a shelf or sent directly to a customer. This reduces wasted marketing space. Companies can also choose a design and logo to use on their boxes. Most companies also use boxes for storing loose powders and loose liquids, as well as small packets of lipstick and shampoo.

Free design support is one of the best ways to get your cosmetic packaging boxes custom-designed. All you need to do is supply the company with your measurements and we will provide you with a sample drawing. Once you have made your selection of size and shape, we can provide you with a custom sample quote for your product and you can decide from there on the colour and decoration of your packaging box. Many of our suppliers offer free design support and samples so that you can see how a box will look like before it is complete. We will work closely with you to ensure that your cosmetic boxes have a professional finish.

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