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Things to Consider Before Having an Office Fit Out Done

An office fit out is the process of taking a commercial office space and making it more tailored to the needs of the tenant. Because each company has a different idea of what an optimal space can look like, an office fit out can be done to accommodate that need.

There are different phases of the fit out and different things that should be kept in mind before one takes place. Here are more than a few things to keep in mind before your next fit out project.

Price Estimate

Office fit outs can range in price quite dramatically depending on what is being done. Prior to having any work done for a commercial fit out, make sure that you get a comprehensive quote and see where additional expenses can be minimised if not eliminated.

The quote should cover the technical plans, design briefs, project management, building assessment, material delivery, and the construction process. When you get a comprehensive quote, it means being able to accurately budget for the project and not fall victim to additional costs.

The Design

Another crucial aspect of an office fit out in Cirencester is the design. Any new office design should effectively match brand appearance, culture, colours, values, and the overall vision of the company as a whole.

An office fit out should act as an extension of any other advertising and marketing materials. All to create a cohesive impression to potential clients and customers who reach the brochures, browse the company website, walk into the office, or use the relevant social media pages.


Now more than ever, efficiency is of the utmost importance. A fit out should have different systems that work efficiently in order to meet the various needs of the staff. That can include adequate lighting, enough electrical outlets, a reliable AC system, and so much more.

Consider these aspects when consulting with the layout designer: lighting levels, the number and positioning of electrical outlets and systems, the type of data cabling necessary, air conditioning units, ventilation, return air grills, mechanical registers, and more.

Make sure to discuss the layout and different features with relevant employees to get their input. Having the relevant information is necessary to create the most comprehensive and efficient layout possible to meet the needs of the entire team. All to create the most optimal office fit out.

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