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Tips for Low-Budget Office Renovations

If you are thinking that your office could do with a facelift, the first thing to do is determine the scope of the project, then set aside a budget. In the present difficult times, it is likely that you will want to keep costs to a minimum, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you renovate your office on a limited budget.

  • Furniture Recycling – Rather than simply throwing away your old office furniture, there are specialist companies that offer furniture recycling in Melbourne, whereby the company will collect your old furniture and auction the items to give you a return. We should all be recycling what we can these days, and if you can get some money for your old furniture, while another company can also make use of the items, so much the better.
  • Contract Carpet – If you approach your local commercial carpet contractor, they can quote you a very reasonable price for carpeting your office space, and with heavy duty carpet tiles, any spillage or stain can easily be replaced. Installation would be included in the price and they would remove the old carpet and take it away. Failing that, you could save some money and have the carpets deep cleaned by a professional.
  • Classic Wall Prints – If you have large expanses of wall, there’s no better way to break that up than adding a few classic wall art prints. You can find cheap wall prints from online suppliers and you have a choice of buying them framed or unframed, whichever is more convenient.
  • Artificial Plants – Adding some greenery is a great way to improve the ambience of any office and there are firms that will replace the plants every few months, to give your employees a change of working environment. A few in the reception area will certainly brighten things up and the supplier would have an extensive catalogue to choose from, with a range of exotic plants that are suitable for interiors.
  • Half Partitions – These can easily be arranged in any location, which will give you quite a few workstations, and after a couple of months, you can move them around.

Improving the look of your office will certainly boost production, as people like to work in a pleasant environment, and by using the above information, you should be able to renovate the office on a minimal budget.









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