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Useful Tips on Web Design

Every single business in the world needs to have a strong online presence, as their company website is their portal to the virtual world we all live in, and if you are soon to join the millions of other people who have launched their own business, here are a few basic tips on web design to help you get it right.

  • Fast Page Loading – It matters not what kind of web design you choose, today’s Internet users demand a quick response, and slow page loading could easily result in users moving on to other, faster platforms that offer what they are looking for. A website that is full of hi-res images and video will take longer to load than a site that only has text, and with web hosting companies, you have different packages, so make sure that your bandwidth is such that your pages always load fast.

  • Easy to Navigate – Your website will likely be full of information and it is critical that users can navigate easily, with clear page headings and data that is in the right place. If you talk to an expert in web design in Geelong, they will confirm that a website should be easy to navigate, otherwise users will simply give up the search and try another domain. Research shows that people like simplicity when viewing web pages and too much visual stimulation has a negative impact, so keep it simple.

  • Scrolling is Better Than Clicking – Intense research has been carried out on the behaviours of web users and they discovered that people prefer to scroll down a page rather than click on a link that takes them to another page. This means that having many pages is perhaps not such a good idea and by categorising data correctly, you could keep everything simple and have fewer pages.

  • Personalise your Website – At the end of the day, people want to connect with other human beings, so you should include a page on your site that introduces the people who work for the organisation. A small photo with a short bio is all it takes for users to form a human connection, as this gives the user a real image of the people they will be dealing with. Avoid using stock photos, rather take your own images and this should create an authentic representation of who you are and what you do.

  • Be Device Friendly – With millions of people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, you simply cannot afford to overlook this growing sector. Your website should be device-friendly which allows all users to view your platform, and by discussing this with your web designer, you can ensure that you are reaching users that visit your site on mobile devices.

  • Calls to Action – Known as CTAs in the industry, calls to action are buttons that encourage users to take the next step in the purchasing process. Some good examples include, “Buy Now”, “Order Now While Stocks Last”.

It is important to spend some time thinking about your website design, and by taking all of the above into account, your digital platform will be more appealing to visitors.


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