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Why Bajaj EMI card is a one-stop payment option for all your shopping needs

The Bajaj EMI card by Bajaj Finserv is an alternate payment option to the traditional credit card. The card comes with a pre-approved loan and lets you convert the purchase value of the item you wish to buy into equated monthly instalments. What makes this card unique is that it has a provision for no cost EMI, which ensures that you are not charged a rupee more than the actual cost of the product you want to purchase. Depending on your income and your savings, you can also set up a customised tenure between three to twenty-four months to repay the amount. You are also free to foreclose the loan at any point of time you feel you have additional cash with you, without incurring any foreclosure charges. As minimal documentation is required for the card, it can be availed by a larger audience. The treats don’t end there! The card also offers a host of other advantages such as zero downpayment, discounts, and some of the best deals and offers to existing customers.

How to shop online using Bajaj EMI Card?

Online shopping with Bajaj EMI card is easy and can be availed across a wide number of platforms to purchase an array of items starting from gadgets, home appliances, furniture, fashion accessories, and many more. Some of the popular online portals that let you shop using the Bajaj EMI card are Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. All you need to do is visit the online website of the portal you wish to shop from and browse through the items. Once you have selected your preferred product, you have to proceed to buy. Here you would need to select the Bajaj EMI card option, opt for No cost EMI, and adjust the repayment tenure. As a last step, confirm your card details and your address and the product will be delivered to you. Yes, Online shopping with Bajaj EMI card is that simple.

How can you get a Bajaj EMI card?

If you too wish to make shopping seem easy and fun, you can opt for a Bajaj EMI card. Following only a few steps, you can successfully complete the Bajaj EMI card apply online or offline process. Check your eligibility and go to Apply Now on the Finserv MARKETS website or App. Here you would need to pay a card fee at the end of your only application submission which would then allow you to view your card. Lastly, visit a partner store and submit your valid KYC documents to activate your card and shop and enjoy great offers. The offline application process, on the other hand, requires you to visit any Bajaj Finserv EMI partner store, fill in the application form, and submit your KYC documentation to activate the card.

Why should you prefer a Bajaj EMI card?

Unlike other EMI options, the Bajaj EMI credit card offers instant approval on your loan with minimal documentation. Ensuring that your goals are on track, the card lets you set your tenure and gives you the freedom to foreclose a loan without any charges. It also offers the ease of No Cost EMI on your purchases. The card comes with a pre-approved budget, which you can keep a track of using the Experia portal that also records your interest certificates, payment schedules and much more. If you are an existing customer, the card gives you access to pre-approved offers from premier manufacturers and retailers. The list is long and good!

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