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Why PDF is considered the world’s most important file format

PDF – a file format that is free to everybody, and is often taken for granted by many today was once one of the greatest inventions of its time. The file format was developed out of sheer need and miserable that computer users of back then were going through. The idea was invented in 1991 and the project through which it was developed was code-named The Camelot. By 1992, the name PDF was already attached to the file format and its official launch was done in 1993 by Adobe Systems. At the time of its launch, the product was perfect already and it allowed people to open and edit PDF files on all types of computers and across all operating systems. It did not become popular straight away because it was a paid-for product and people needed to buy a renewable license in order to use it. However, after a while it started becoming popular and within no time, it was the only file format anybody who wanted to share information with other computer users could think about.

Soon, other features such as the ability to convert PDF to word were incorporated. These and many features now make PDF such a great tool that the world as we know it would stop to exist if it was removed. Below are some of the reasons why PDF is such an important file format in our lives.

PDF is the global standard format for sharing information

Since its invention, PDF file format has been gaining more popularity every day. Today, it is the standard format through which businesses and individuals send, store, and share information on computers. It is used to make, share, and store different kinds of documents, including contracts, invoices, fliers, vouchers, and posters just to name but a few. This makes PDF file format such a huge help for e-commerce. There are several PDF editors in the market today that you can easily edit PDF documents to make whatever changes you want on them.

Adobe changed tax filing forever

Well, I don’t know how you file taxes in your country, but what I know is that the introduction of PDF by Adobe Systems changed how people file taxes forever. Before PDF was introduced, people had to file taxes using paper forms. After filling the paper forms, you had to email them to the revenue department via the snail mail. As a result, as you can imagine, there were always so many mails being sent to the tax department as a result, shipping errors, lost forms, and misfiling were always common occurrences. Many countries around the world adopted PDF and made filing of returns fully online because it made everything much simpler.

Adobe acrobat reader is free

PDF in most part has been a free software available to people for free. The same can’t be said about other word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, which requires you to buy and install the Microsoft Office suite. In a world where the need to share information is so great, being able to access a word program for free is a huge plus.

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